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Welcome to the Famlli... A Simple and Safer Space to Share.

Welcome to the Famlli... A Simple and Safer Space to Share.


Being in touch with family and friends is always important, especially today in our technology-driven society. However, when you have a family of your own, the thought of sharing your life can be quite a daunting task. Social media has allowed us to easily share our lives to everybody quickly, but it has also become such a large-scale space that there is always a little feeling of discomfort surrounding it. Not to mention the constant pop-ups of sponsorships, advertisements, anything that has gone viral and your security. With social media giants losing sight of what it really means to keep in touch with our loved ones, it’s always a good idea to look further outside of the box and find other platforms available to us. Fortunately, Famlli.com has become a great family communication hub that is intimate, less crowded and more family orientated than all of the other social media platforms we have access to today.

With Famlli, you’re not only creating an intimate space to share your life with friends and family, but you are becoming a part of a platform that is a community. Just like other social media platforms, you are able to sign up and dive into a world of connection, but with Famlli, your access becomes more pinpointed at your family wants and needs. Once you have signed up to become a part of the community, you will be able to access a family locator, become a part of family discussions, find and create a family calendar for events or family organizations, find great insight on the family forum board, you are able to create interest groups, family intra email, create special person pages and, if you really want the whole family to be a part of it, make profiles for your pets!

Signing up is simple; all you have to do is go to Famlli.com and create a login for yourself. Your profile will automatically appear, and you can fill in all of your information, upload photos and fill in your calendar to allow for yourself and others to keep up to date with what you have scheduled in the future. What makes this site much more simple than other social media giants is its easy tabs which allow you to access discussions, articles, groups, polls, events, and much more with just one simple click on your main page. We all know how stressful life can get with a family; therefore, Famlli has made the simplest layout you could ask for!

 If you’re finding yourself feeling overwhelmed by the overcrowded and diluted world of our current social media, then Famlli.com is here to help you. The goal is to help you feel less stressed about something that is supposed to be creative and enjoyable. Sharing your wonderful family’s lives and loves to friends and family without all of the added extra baggage that other social media platforms bring today. Join a simpler, more family orientated platform. Join Famlli.com.

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