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Family Communication, a Little Bit of Work Goes a Long Way

Family Communication, a Little Bit of Work Goes a Long Way



Despite the ever-growing technological advances present to us in the 21st century, it seems as though our capacity for meaningful communication is dwindling, and this is especially true in the family unit. It seems that we are always swimming in a sea of constant information, things that we don't quite have the time to process, let alone allow ourselves to stop in process. Now more than ever, it is especially important for families to take a moment, and to stop and think about each other and being in touch both emotionally and mentally.


It has been the aim, through creating this site, that families have a place to step back and just focus on the things that matter to them: the people whom they love. The background noise of over public social media is removed, and you have the benefit of focusing on your family through a smaller family oriented social media, with tools such as family only email, GPS locator and messenger, which are only some of the services that this website offers.


We live in a time where it becomes easy to think of our family members as people who exist on the periphery, but that when it comes down to it, we realize we really don't spend a lot of time together. And this is something that should be carefully avoided. Sure, we see each other every day. or maybe we see each other every few months, but through a slew of impersonal, general social media posts, we still feel as though we are actively involved in people's lives. We need to be careful in these circumstances. That existence does not replace meaningful communication.


As old-fashioned as it can sound sometimes, pick up the phone and make a call. Don't discredit the power of a simple 5-minute chat. don't forget to ask how someone is doing, and don't forget to mean it. it's easy to neglect the little things and forget how big they build up into the meaningful memories that we associate with the people who are our families in our lives. And if you don't have time for a phone call, it's a great idea to send an instant message. Something as simple as saying that you love them and miss them. Or make plans to hang out. if you treat them, the people of your family, like the friends you make time for, you may be surprised at how it can be a lightening experience.


Or maybe you could do something fun like email a letter. One of the many benefits of our website is that it allows you a place to focus on just your family without the blast and buzz of bigger social media sites. The point is that simple gestures can build a solid foundation for meaningful communication with the people who are heavily involved in your life, be that the family who you were born to, the family that chose you, or the family that you chose for yourself, like all good relationships, a little bit of work goes a long way.

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