Sheza Hanif



Similar to parents, grandparents also play a key role in the lives of children.  They are important towards the emotional and social development of children. There are numerous pieces of research that show that multiple benefits come from the strong bonds of grandparents with the children. It is essential to stay in touch with the grandparents and here is why:

IMPACTING THE LIVES OF GRANDCHILDREN: Most of the adult children consider that the grandparents have values and beliefs. The perspective of a child, of what makes up a normal healthy relationships is created by the relationship the child has with the grandparent. The child will experience unwavering support and a sense of emotional intimacy.

DECREASING THE HOUSEHOLD STRESS: Research stated that the emotionally close relationship between the grandchild and grandparent is linked with reduced indications of depression for both. When it comes to using imagination and creativity, grandparents are the ideal partners. Kids find them to be the best buddies to have fun and play with. The grandparents love their role to be around the children for their care and support as well.

PROVIDE A SENSE OF SECURITY: During the rough times, if you have an additional layer of support, it can make a significant difference in the life of a child. A study has revealed that the close relationships of grandchild and grandparent are linked with reduced emotional and behavioral issues and less social difficulties with friends. When the child needs somebody to tell his problems, the grandparents are an extra ear for hearing their problems. Also, the children find themselves easy to open up and discuss their problems and difficulties with them.

Grandparents always hope and encourage the success of grandchildren and they are the caring hands of them too. So, staying in touch with them is actually healthy for both.

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